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We all Have A Tell. What's Yours?

When I started using this well-worn col-erase pencil, it was sharpened and filled with possibilities. It still is.

For those who I’ve share a blue pencil, it’s memorable, conversational and differentiated. And that is perhaps what makes it, my tell.

If you’re in need of a healthy habit, I’d recommend jumping on board.

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I have 3 dozen shiny new blue pencils for the first 36 confirmed members.

I know many use technologies to capture the frantic day to day experience, but I’ve settled in to carrying a note book and blue pencil. Often time, pulling it out to flesh out a potential wine label, capture thoughts after a meeting or just let me mind drift and doodle as the pilot settles in for another leg to who knows where.

I’ve been traveling for business for many years, pre-Covid, it was from Paris to Punxsutawney to Pebble Beach, Montreal to Missoula, Aspen to Asheville, sometimes in the same quarter.

And what I found most fascinating, sitting in 10C or 16A, listening politely to others share ideas, passions and thoughts is pretty good fodder for a collection of industry “tales.” So, let me get You started with a story about a Yellow Pencil. If you’re thinking, what’s with this guy and his pencil schtick... what's his message, read on.

When I first read Leonard Read’s, I Pencil, essay, first published in the December 1958, I was intrigued by this statement " Look at this lead pencil. There’s not a single person in the world who could make this pencil." A Remarkable statement! Don't you think? .

And like the Hospitality Business; most guests don't give much thought on how we "Make Things Right", be it an anniversary dinner, specially prepared by your team, how a favorite resort is staffed to operate on a peak holiday weekend or a country club prepares for a family wedding. (let’s keep these under 50 please).

And why should they. That's our responsibility.

To develop a unique brand vision, define protocols, standard operating procedures and then deliver that to every guest every day, the way they want it. Now that's a tall fence to climb.

Like the miracle involved in the making of pencils, your teams execute, or people starve.

To summarize, if your enterprise, hotel, bar, restaurant operation or a professional hospitality service pro, searching for a fresh set of eyes to focus on what's working, or an ear for what's not, we can help. A little nip or tuck can freshen up your brands look, team members gait and your guests next impression. I've got some cred to see what's working and the scar tissue to help your group started with a fresh perspective.

The start of a journey
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