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Team MD.


Eric Bierbrier


With over 25 years in sales & marketing roles, Eric is a trusted resource with experience working for and developing strategic plans and marketing campaigns that have helped grow some of America’s iconic brands.


Kiki Parker 


KK leads the back of the house functions that deliver accurate and timely reporting. With over 30 years developing business operation systems, client relationships & internal communication. 

A Ripe History

I know a thing or two about Wine. And Spirits. And Beer.       

You might say, It's in my blood. My last name, Bierbrier (pronounced Beer-Briar), derives from the German word literally meaning “beer brewer”.

This is, in fact, what the family did generations ago in Europe.

Making Smarter Pour Decisions

From Wine & Food Engagement to Seasonal Tastings, Menu Pairings and Traffic Building events, we can help shape a beverage strategy and activation that makes cents for you and your team members. 

What makes a solid program work? 

The right selection, the right price points, the right sales collateral and the right staff engagement. I've been at this for a while, on both sides of the industry, delivering the goods while keeping things fresh and exciting. ​



Industry Accreditations

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