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A history of flavor in every bite, my journey to Montreal

Imagine going back to a time when recipes mattered.

When opening the front door every morning meant something.

When families took pride in every pot of coffee.

When a fresh out of the oven bagel was magical.

When that first bite brought tears.

I've been blessed to have grown up in a city where food is taken seriously.

Returning after many years, stopping into old haunts, some dating back generations, revealed how sight and smell, two ingredients, often overlooked, make each experience unique. Subtle cues and clues that resonate from the heart.

If you're looking to keep your vibe alive, or exploring how to infuse a new ingredient into your mise-en-place, let's pull up a stool, sharpen a pencil and carve out some ideas.

The conversation is complementary, like a fresh cup of coffee with a good friend.

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